6 Things Only Cristiano Ronaldo has done in football to Beat Lionel Messi and others


is a great player who has done so many things in the beautiful game so many players can only just dream of.

A handful of superlatives have been used by journalists, bloggers, football fans to qualify his achievements that there are very few or even none that can hold much water. Counting the number of records Ronaldo has under his belt is just tantamount to counting the amount of money he has in his bank account because you can’t possibly go through them all in one day!

There are legends in the beautiful game and is a name to uphold considering all he has done for the past ten years.

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Today’s slideshow will feature the 5 things only has done till date:

05. Most followed athlete on all famous social websites

is the player who has the most number of followers on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. He also holds the Guinness World Record for this awesome feat. Although social networking hasn’t been in the world since football started, this incredible achievement hasn’t been matched yet.

CR7 has 59.5 million followers on Twitter, 122 million followers on Facebook, and 111 million, followers on Instagram. Doubt if Leo will be able to break this one.


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