Azealia Banks Tried To Hate on Cardi B, and Got Shut Down In Epic Fashion

  is never one to shy away from controversy and some might go as far as saying she’s pretty much a hater. Today, got her shutdown quickly.

With the news of Carbi B grabbing the No 1 spot on Billboard Hot 100 and going platinum, everyone was in congratulatory spirits. Nicki Minaj, Missy Elliot, Remy Ma was not in that kind of mood.

Azealia started her rant about calling her a poor man’s Nicki. She also called out black men for supporting Bodak Yellow but not showing the same support to Nicki and Remy Ma.

“I’m sorry. Black industry men are too hype for this Latina girl I’ve never seen them jump like this for Remy (Ma) or Nicki (Minaj), Spinning this ‘for the culture’ story when they are simply letting white men at Atlantic buy them into hating their own women… I wanted spicy Latina and she gave me poor mans Nicki.”

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But shut that shit down with just one video tweet. A video of Azealia dancing and rapping to Bodak Yellow… word for word. I guess even the haters love it too.

And as for Taylor Swift whom dethroned to hit No. 1? She sent the rapper a bouquet of flowers as congratulations. Nice gesture.

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