Take a seat… maybe a million too

Upgrade your DStv or GOtv subscription and stand a chance to win the Head of House chair plus N1 million weekly.

28 January 2018 21:53

Just like you, we have been anxiously awaiting the launch of arguably the biggest reality show on the land. Well, it’s here now and it’s safe to say ‘go ahead and indulge’.

If teasing was a kingdom, Big Brother would be the King, no doubt! The man has been doing it for a minute y’all.

We’ve all seen the big, comfy looking green chair popping up across ’s social media platforms and we’re certain you caught the wonder syndrome. Well, worry not. Big Brother has the antidote, so ‘take a seat’ and read on. Hint much?!

# Bbnaija! One Viewer  of Big Brother Naija to Win N1million and head of house

We all know just how much landing the Head of House (HoH) spot means to the fortunate housemate. They literally become king/queen of Big Brother Naija land and what better way to distinguish them from ‘the commoners’ than awarding them their very own royal seat? Talk about levels!

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The very beautiful Big Brother Naija House spots one of those very comfy looking green chairs especially and exclusively placed for the reigning king/queen. Igwe! Big Brother is giving all the viewers an opportunity to win the very posh HOH chair and a million Naira every week, because there is no show without YOU. Kiss your ‘Jan-u-worry’ cares goodbye.  Here’s how:

Upgrade your subscription to premium or compact if you are a DStv customer, or upgrade to GOtv Max if you are on GOtv. Make sure you pay 2 months upfront while upgrading and boom, you might just be spotting a money chair of our own and become head of remote in your compound because the weather man reports heavy rains with high chances of addiction.  You’ll definitely want to stay glued to our screens for buckets of wahala. It pays to upgrade!

Big Brother Naija Season 3 premieres on Sunday 28 January 2018 and will be exclusive to DStv Channel 198 and GOtv Channel 29. Stay tuned for updates by following us on Instagram @BigBroNaija, Twitter @BBNaija and Facebook Big Brother Naija.