Buhari to Order Forfeiture of IPOB's Assets Home and Abroad to FG

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President Muhammadu is set to appoint an administrator to oversee the forfeiture of assets belonging to the Indigenous People of Biafra () to the federal government following the group’s proscription by authorities.

The federal government is set to publish the proscription of in two national dailies in order to meet the conditions stipulated by the court to finalize the declaration of the group as a terrorist organization.

“With the gazette done, the Central Authority Unit of the Federal Ministry of Justice will notify banks within and outside the country to stop relating with directly or indirectly,” someone close to the matter said according to Punch.

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“Foreign missions operating in Nigeria and Nigerian embassies abroad will also be notified.

“The President is also expected to appoint an administrator for the forfeiture of ’s assets since the group has been declared unlawful in line with Section 62 of the Criminal Code Act.

“The forfeiture will no longer require any court order.”


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