Checkout the wonders of breast sucking to men and women!


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Checkout the wonders of breast sucking to men and women!When I published the article, Is breast sucking good for you?” I never knew it would generate as much interest and excitement as it did from our readers. The general perception being that breast sucking is pleasurable for both men and women and has immense benefits too.

While the thrust of the article was on the genuineness and relevance of  an alleged statement by the BBC, calling on men to help women fight breast cancer by sucking vigorously and regularly on the breasts, most of the responses I have received focus more on the pleasures of breast sucking.

I have decided to revisit the issue again by sharing a few of the left over responses from my box with you as well as try to figure out the benefits of the pleasures available to our “breasticles” as suggested in the article.


Your piece on breast sucking was wonderfully written. As you rightly mentioned, there may not be a direct or very obvious benefit for the man sucking a woman’s breasts, but when critically analysed, the enjoyment of breast sucking goes both ways.

Though the woman might be the direct beneficiary of the sucking, the man’s sexual desire is further heightened when he sees that the woman is enjoying his handiwork. A man’s pleasure or desire begins when he spots the breasts, even without touching, he appreciates what he has seen and it signals a sexual desire in his brain. It is the same way he sees a wiggling buttocks and is desirous of it.

Personally, I enjoy sucking my women’s breasts and also play with them a lot. Most of the women I have been with, have been thrilled by what I can do for them. Breast sucking lays the foundation for what is to come when you want to have sex. When you do it well for most women, they will be the ones begging you to go to the next level. So, I would conclude that breast sucking is good for both men and women.

Dapo by e-mail

Dear Yetunde,

Interesting article on sucking boobs in Saturday Vanguard. While I don’t know everything about sucking a woman’s breasts, I know enough to indulge often. My wife is very cooperative and needs little prompting to stick her twins in my face at any given time. Who enjoys it more is debatable but I suspect she gets more satisfaction than I expect.

However, besides sucking of boobs the next best thing is staring at boobs! If eyes could eat, all the extra large and humongous, breasted women would have long been on the dinner plate. Even the medium and small sized boobs won’t be spared.  Men (and to some extent women) are as engrossed with the phenomenon of looking unashamedly at women’s boobs as much as fondling or sucking them. I read a report quoting doctors urging men to look at busty women for 10 minutes a day. It is good for your health, they prescribed. Staring at busty women can lengthen your life, scientists have proved.

A German study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, concludes that staring at women’s breasts for a few minutes daily is better for your health than going to the gym. Just 10 minutes of looking at the charms of well-endowed females is equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out,”

Charles by e-mail

(Hmm! This is very interesting, indeed) Yetunde,

Who says men don’t benefit from breasts sucking? It works both ways. I am a man and I enjoy having my nipples caressed and sucked before and during sex especially. Perhaps because I am aware of its immense pleasures, I know how to give it to my woman such that I will have her swooning in my arms in the shortest possible time. You don’t need to be an expert to know that breast sucking is good and women enjoy it very much. Only it is not in our for women to admit that they enjoy having sex even if you catch them in the act.

Tony by e-mail

Let me delve a bit more into the potentials of breast sucking and sexual pleasures. Sucking, licking and  kissing a woman’s breasts is sexually stimulating if done correctly. Because there is a direct connection between the breasts, vagina and cervix, both the breasts and clitoris engorges and enlarges due to pleasure from the stimulation. Breast sucking does not only give immense pleasure to the woman, it adds to her chances of achieving orgasm. It helps to increase her vaginal lubrication making it easier for coitus.

Some women may even achieve orgasm from breast stimulation alone without vaginal intercourse. A friend who read the first part of this article called to chip in her views. “Yetunde, my husband knows he cannot get between my thighs until he gives my breasts the required attention. It is about the only part I enjoy in the damn thing he calls sex.

So, if I am not satisfied, then there is no sex” she declared. She further explained that at the early stage of their relationship, he used to think it was a joke and would want to brush her off or rush her into sex, but she was firm with him. She said sometimes, he would get up angry and insisting that she had ruined his mood with her immature request.

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But when he realised that she would not give in, he faced his business properly. She said when she hears women complain about the poor quality of sex they get from their partners, she tells them it is their fault because they allow it. I agree totally with her.

Perhaps, this is the most interesting part. A good breast suck may lead to good sex. Research has shown that good sex lowers the risk of prostate cancer in men and breast cancer in women. The more sex you have the higher chances of getting your breasts stimulated and sucked.

This will boost the immune system, improve blood circulation and cause the secretion of breast-beneficial hormones. Could this be the origin of the alleged famous clarion call by BBC? February 4 is around the corner and the message which seems to excite the male folks to no end will soon start flying around. For the men that will strive to strike gold during this time, I wish you luck.

The effect of breast sucking in women is very similar when compared with effects of breastfeeding in infants. This is because of the intense stimulation of the nipples which results in the release of the hormone, oxytocin into the bloodstream.

Oxytocin  release is also responsible for the nipple becoming erect with excitement on stimulation, which is caused by contraction of muscles underneath the skin of the areola. This is not all. Oxytocin is also responsible for the  tingly feeling after sexual arousal and/or orgasm, as well as a sense of sexual satisfaction causing the body to relax and also eliminate stress and pain.

A note of caution however for couples dealing with female infertility. According to a study, it is recommended that women trying for conception should abstain from having their breasts sucked as breast feeding is a form of contraceptive for most women. It explained that to the brain, a man sucking the breasts is just the same as a baby sucking on the mother’s breasts because the brain cannot differentiate between them.

Once sucking starts, the brain receives a message that breastfeeding is taking place and so the system does not release the hormones that produces eggs for conception and pregnancy cannot take place. Reading this was very instructive for me. In one of my counselling sessions several years ago. I met a childless couple who were always at each other’s throats when it was time for sex.

The man had the strangest complaint I had ever heard at the time. He told me that his wife was not really interested in having a child as much as she was in having sex. he said that any woman desiring a child must not let go of her body and mind when having sex. She must stay still and allow the man do the job while she engages in prayers with her mind.

It sounded so ridiculous to me at the time, but this guy was not joking at all as his wife confided in me that anytime she showed signs of enjoyment, he gives her a few slaps and even beating depending on his mood. I tried to convince him that engaging the sex is a plus to him as a man, adding that the enjoyment will help her body open up the more to receive his seeds.

After just six years of marriage, he had become very bitter and impatient and I guess he was not willing to go through the waiting period. He eventually impregnated a young lady barely out of her teens and the marriage ended.

The human body as created by God is filled with many intrigues. Treat it right and it will yield to you. If you don’t know how to work yours, educate yourself about it. Read up, almost anything is available now at the click of a button. I have also met some women who have complained that they do not like their breasts being touched, not to talk of sucking.

While some of these complaints are genuine, some are equally ridiculous. A lady told me she just finds the idea of a full grown adult sucking breasts disgusting and cannot allow it. I have also seen women wince in serious pain while suckling their infant children, so, same might apply when giving it to their men. In this case, perhaps, there might just be something they are not doing correctly. Again, I advise you to read up. Seeking for knowledge is a lifelong venture. It stops when you die. Don’t be a living dead.

Feel free to contribute to this topic if you wish to. You may reach me via: [email protected] or send a text to the above number. Thanks.  Do have a wonderful weekend!!

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