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El Rufai And Other 2019 Campaigners Are Damaging Buhari – Tsav


In an interview which appeared in Nigeria’s , the former commissioner of Police, Lagos State, and an anti-corruption crusader, Alhaji warned Gov, El Rufai and otherse already campaigning for Buhari for 2019. He stated that they are doing more harm than good and that it was too early to start campaigning.

Alhaji advised Gov El Rufai to face the governance of Kaduna and to stop distracting President Buhari.


From the Sun Interview

What doesn’t know or realize is that even though he and his fellow Buhari for 2019 campaigners are claiming to be Buhari’s friends, but in actual fact, they are doing a lot of harm to Buhari through their action and pronouncements. But what I know is that Buhari is not a man that anybody is capable of maneuvering through praise singing. He will do whatever he wants to do.

That’s why I even laugh when some people say or claim that Buhari is weak, and that a certain cabal has influenced him. Buhari is not somebody that can be easily manipulated. He is somebody that believes in doing things right.

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