Games These Generation Kids Won’t Understand


Games These Generation Kids Won’t UnderstandIMAGE: FILIPINO CLASSIC REVIEW

We’re in a jet age now, where technology reigns in businesses, schools and homes.

But it was not like this in the 90’s. I’m not saying I’m a grandpa, but there are certain things that these generations kids won’t get to enjoy because of technological advancement.

Some of them are:

1. Playing with sand

Games These Generation Kids Won’t Understand

New generation kids would not understand the joy sand gave to us back then. There’s nothing that you can’t use sand for; We cook with sand, build houses with sand, fight with sand and even sleep on sand. Back then, mothers suffer a lot while washing, because their kids always come back dirty from the playground. Right now, most kids are only concerned with mobile phones and computers.

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2. Police and Thief

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“Police and Thief”, “Catcher catcher” or “Tag” was a famous game we played. In fact, I still play this game till now. Kids then, were never bored. Even if there’s nothing to do, you can play “Police and Thief”, run around and make sure the Police doesn’t catch you. Kids right now, are not even interested in playing, not to talk of running around. Well why would they? When they have WhatsApp to keep them busy.
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