“Judaism makes more sense than Christianity” – Ghanaian Singer, Mzbel

MzbelIt appears is lost as to which religion to belong to as she’s been jumping from one religion to another.

Now, the controversial musician has proclaimed that she’s now following Judaism as she feels, there’s more sense in Judaism than Christianity.

was blasted by several s when she mentioned months ago that, she does not believe in Jesus Christ as she believes that the story of Jesus Christ was not true, although she believed in God.

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Now in a fresh interview when asked where her faith lies, she disclosed that she now believes in Judaism because it makes more sense to her.

She said:

“Because Judaism makes more sense to me so that is basically it. I have been Hari Krishna before, and then I moved to Christianity and now I am at Judaism, whoknows where I will be tomorrow…”

Well, we never know the next religion, she would jump into. lol…


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