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Lil Twist – Fires & Desires Ft Lil Wayne & Trippie Redd.

Lil Twist – Fires & Desires Ft Lil Wayne & Trippie Redd.


& assist for a new collaboration tittle “” which havent tweet about the on coming song which suprise are fans and Also assist Fendi P is preparing for the release of his debut Late Nights, The maturation of Fendi P will be detailed on his upcoming as his unique sound has been shaped throughout the years to lead up to this point.
and Birdman have been spending a lot time together, some of it tense, some of it pleasant. Images do tell a disjointed story of their rollercoaster ride as friends and business partners. Earlier in the week it was reported that each side was nowhere close to reaching a settlement. Both parties exited the meeting in a furious spat, only days after making a club appearance together. was pictured puffing on a stogie as Birdman stood by his side, signalling what we thought was an armistice between the two warring parties.

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