Main Reason Behind Peter, Paul And Jude Okoye Are At Each Others Throat (MUST READ)


The on and off again brothers are once again making headlines following controversies in recent days which ultimately brought the trios (Artistes: , and Producer ) to a sad end. Relieving the disputes amongst the brothers, here are the real reasons the famous brothers can’t just bury the hatchet. It all began with;

#1      Meeting Lola! (Delilah in Disguise?)

Okoye met Titilola Loretta Omotayo in one of Troyka groups office. The CEO introduced the famous twin to a well connected and intelligent staff, Lola . Having met, the sweethearts, Lola took romantic interest in , who was already in a relationship with then girlfriend and now wife, Anita Isama. Apparently, Paul’s love for Anita made Lola’s feelings of no effect. On the bright side for Lola, Peter was single at the time and ready to mingle. Soon, Peter and Lola began seeing each other and the two hit things off, though Paul has no bad blood with his twin brother’s relationship with Lola, fact is, Peter was Lola’s second choice and turning a woman down is never fun for any lady.  Its possible Lola still feels demeaned?

#2      A statements that bruised the ego!
Resulting in a previous fight was a solo interview with Paul.  The ian disclosed that among the P-square brand he was the singer and songwriter while his twin Peter was the dancer. Peter found Paul’s words disrespectful to his creative portfolio which resulted to Peter threatening a split. Notwithstanding , the famous brothers walked over this misunderstanding and returned with a few hits of which one was smash Bank Alert . However, few days ago Peter officially confirmed he was done with the P-square force when he sent a letter to their lawyers demanding termination of contracts.

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#3      The place of Elder brother Jude

Before the famous twin dominated the n scene, Elder brother participated in a few al efforts including production of beats. However, it was the twin-brothers revolution of that brought the P-Square brand to limelight. Rumor has it Jude refutes this notion and believes he as much contributed to the success of P-square as much as the twin being their producer and manager.

#4      Mama’s Disapproval

Reportedly, the late mother of the Okoye brothers never approved of Lola’s relationship with her son and though Lola had sired a son for Peter, it was the dying wish of the mother of the ians that Peter wed not Lola. In an act which could be possibly called rebellion, Peter wedded his baby mama Lola in November 2013, going against the wish of his dear mother.

#5      Wedding guests

Still on Lola and Peter’s wedding, Jude was absent and Paul was late to the traditional ceremony. I guess in a matter of marriage, the siblings were expected to set aside differences and honor the big day. However, elder brother Jude was missing in action while Paul dropped by late. Who is to blame? The aggrieved brothers trying to carry out their late mama’s dying wish by frustrating the union of Peter and Lola and in all means possible denying support to brother or Peter who is yielding to love and disobeying his mother?

In conclusion, when the famous brothers rose to fame, their tracks mostly speaking on love, the world never expected such saddening and shameful end.


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