Nigerian Stylist, Chidinma Pearl Says She Will Get Surgery To Increase Her Backside


Controversial Nigerian stylist, , has revealed that she would get surgery to increase her backside. The beauty who granted Vanguard an interview recently, revealed that she won’t travel out of the country for….she would get the surgery here in Nigeria. Excerpts …………

On  why she wants to have the surgery………..

“In matter of days I will be having a backside lift surgery here in Nigeria. I seriously want my backside reshaped and enhanced, hence providing an attractive and prominent rear end. A big enough one to boost any woman’s self esteem. The era of the waif-life, model-thin body has passed. Thanks to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian. Women are now aiming for an hourglass figure and that includes a trimmer and athletic-looking backside.”
On her reason for getting the surgery done in Nigeria……..“I’m doing the BBL here in Nigeria at Grandville Medlaser. Why? Because I don’t see why I should go to Miami and pay over seven thousand dollars, buy tickets, pay a caregiver and all when I can do it here in Nigeria and get all the care I need. Here, I’m only paying about three million Nairas .”


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