Nigerian Women Are Not Romantic. If They Are @ All It Is Only For Money Or Good Looks – B. Okonkwo


ntroversial Nollywood actor, ’s personal mantra is, “Be yourself, people don’t have to like you but you don’t have to care” and the actor has put it into action by kicking against Dave Ogbeni’s assertion that Nigerian women are the most romantic in the world.

Handsome and talented Benson, who just gave his career a major boost in a Andy Best’s movie “King of Fools”is careless whether it goes well or not with womenfolks, he had this to say in a chat with Vanguard.

“Let’s be sincere with ourselves, Nigerian women are not romantic. If they are at all, it is only for money or good looks. Only money and good looks are what make them stick to a man. Apart from those, it’s a big no for me,”

he asserted.

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