PHOTOS: XXXTentacion Shares N*de Bathroom Selfie On Instagram


Adding the photo in question to his Instagram stories, is seen posing nude in a bathroom, taking a mirror selfie. His phone obscures most of his face, but his towel doesn’t exactly cover up a more sensitive area of his body. Even though the screencap we’ve included in this article has been censored slightly, it was definitely a NSFW moment that will keep the buzz about X going in the hip-hop community for the foreseeable future. Perhaps not as scary as some of his other public stunts, it’s a move that undoubtedly further splinter his fan base and add further fuel to the argument that the emcee is, at the very least, operating with extreme recklessness.


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This post comes after previously shared another video on social media detailing that humans “fear what they don’t understand.” He seems pretty set on this approach, dropping cryptic, potentially pseudo-“deep” messages to his followers with the hopes of building up some sort of impenetrable mystique. However, for those who support X’s messages and, by association, his unpredictable violent outbursts, life isn’t always easy after making that support public. Just ask Ansel Elgort, who was met with a ton of criticism after he told via Twitter the world loves him because he’s an “artist.” That didn’t go over so well with other users on the social platform, who angrily called for him not to show any love to a man who has been repeatedly accused of abusing women, both physically and emotionally. With his latest nude selfie post on Instagram, it looks like X will only continue to divide the masses.


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