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Popular Preacher, Joel Osteen Launches “Sheep’s Clothing” – Cheapest Suit Costs $20,000

Controversial American Pastor, , who was dragged on social media during hurricane Harvey for not opening his church’s door to stranded victims of the flood, has launched a profitable pastoral fashion line: “Sheep’s Clothing by .”

From the brand’s tagline which reads “They’ll notice your suit, not your apostasy”, it was gathered that the line of suits, pants, shirts, ties, and dress shoes is designed to distract followers from a pastor’s empty theology and dangerous heresies by disguising him in attractive, fashionable clothing.

The Lakewood Church head Pastor’s Sheep’s Clothing has also been endorsed prominent pastors and teachers, including Benny Hinn, Creflo Dollar, Paula White, and Kenneth Copeland, among others.

“Whenever I want to blend in among the sheep, I always make sure my suit jacket’s a Joel™,” Benny Hinn says on a new TV spot advertising the formal men’s wear. “You’re gonna like the way you look while you fleece the masses out of their hard-earned cash—I guarantee it.”

The suits went on sale at Lakewood Church’s website this Sunday, starting around $20,000 each.

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