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those wanting Nigeria to divide will soon Die – Prophet Omale


– Prophet Emmanuel says Nigeria will not break-up as some people are expecting

declares the country will be great again and there will be no civil war

– He predicts that those agitating for break-up will die soon

Nigeria will be great again while those championing its break-up will die within the next few years, the general overseer of the Divine Hand of God Prophetic Ministries International, Prophet Emmanuel , has declared.

said Nigeria would not break-up as some have predicted and as some agitators want it to be.

Vanguard reports that Prophet made the declaration during his ministry’s quarterly crusade in Abuja, saying that the country will not witness another civil war on October 1.

“The Lord told me to tell our Igbo brothers and sisters that, nothing will happen to you in the north‎, so also to others in your places of abode.

“Nigeria will not divide; I saw it and I sat with Jesus one-on-one and I fell on my knee and I asked, is Nigeria going to divide? And He said no, Nigeria will not divide; Nigeria will come together and we will become one strong nation that will feed the whole world.

“The Lord told me: ‘Don’t join the people that want Nigeria to divide because those people in the next few years, you will not see them again. They will join their ancestors’.

“The Lord told me to tell the whole world that Nigeria will not divide, there won’t be war.

“Some of our Igbo brothers and sisters in the North, Kaduna, Borno, Kano,Sokoto and others that want to sell their buildings at cheap prices to move to the east, God said don’t do that.

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