Top 10 The Wealthiest Families In Nigeria 2018 (Photos inclusive)

Growing up in a family that is anything other than insanely wealthy in Nigeria means there are certain lifestyles you will never have a taste of, except fortune and generational wealth decide to smile on you.
Nigerians know the distinct sound and mannerisms of wealth. We also recognise familial wealth, the kind of financial power and the attendant respect that certain families command.
A fair number of these families are built around patriarchs who made their wealth in the early years of Nigeria’s history. Today, these families control wealth, the economy and power in certain areas in ways that only money can in Nigeria where power is the ultimate currency.
Whatever attempts to create an exhaustive list or ranking of Nigeria’s wealthiest families would be frustrated by the clear absence of public records or any form of honesty from the members as to how much they are worth.
Still, the lists exist and this one compiled by MANUCHE, a youtube channel, seems a bit close to the mark in bringing up some of the most familiar names and a few that have flown beneath the radar for quite a while.
Here are 10 of the richest families in Nigeria
#1. The Igbinedion Family:
10 Of The Wealthiest Families In Nigeria 2018 (Photos)
The Igbinedion Family’s patraich is Chief Michael Igbinedion, the Esama of Benin (Kemi Filani)
Hidden in the town of Okada, the Igbinedion Family is one of the most powerful families in Edo State and Nigeria’s culturally-diverse South-South.
The family’s patriarch is the Esama of Benin, a chief of the Bini Kingdom who was conferred by Oba Akenzua II. He is said to have started off as a police officer before becoming involved in the car business, first as an employee and later as head of his own auto care outfit.
It was from here that he spread his span, starting off a ring of businesses, including the now-defunct Okada Air, Igbinedion University, Kada Plaza and Igbinedion Television.
His son, Lucky Igbinedion was Governor of Edo State, from 1999 to 2003. His daughter, Omosede Igbinedion currently serves in the Federal House of Representatives, as the lawmaker representing Ovia North Federal Constituency.

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