US-based Cameroonian Singer, Dencia To Freeze Her Reproductive System

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US-based Cameroonian , Repru Sonkey known popularly as White has started process to freeze her eggs.
The 33-year-old shared the news on her Snapchat, saying she wanted to freeze her eggs in her early 20s, but her doctor advised against it.
She posted the images below on her Snapchat:
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The egg cell, or ovum, is the female reproductive cell (gamete) in oogamous organisms. The egg cell is typically not capable of active movement, and it is much larger (visible to the naked eye) than the motile sperm cells.
By puberty, a woman’s egg count might be 1 million; at 25, maybe 300,000. Egg freezing doesn’t lower your body’s natural egg count; it simply makes use of more of the eggs you already have.


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