Why ‘I should be praised because I’m the s*x goddess of our time’ – Seyi Hunter


Nollywood actress,  , leaves no stone unturned whenever she is provoked to vent on sensitive issues –  The eloquent actress who has been heavily criticized over a s*x Vlog she recently launched, ‘Sinful Friday with Uncensored’, has finally broken silence.

In an exclusive chat with Potpourri, the daring actress, who is set to première her latest movie, Feret, crowned herself a ‘s*x goddess’, bragging that Nigerians are supposed to applaud her for coming up with an educational innovation instead of condemning her.

“My s*x vlog is extremely educative; I teach people how to have great s*x and oral s*x, how to enjoy it while at it and crave for more. Most couples are suffering in silence because they do not enjoy s*x with their partners. s*x is life, s*x is food. The bloody hypocrites out there should love me; I should be praised because I’m the s*x goddess of our time.

There are so much health benefits in oral s*x, s*x itself, kissing, romance and a whole lot of things involve s*x. Semen and vaginal juice cure high blood pressure and cancer. I’ve gotten great reviews from people out there, while some still think because I’m a lady and a Nigerian I have no business talking about s*x. If you’ve not seen any of my videos I’m sure your spouse is cheating. My videos are your only solution to a happy and healthy s*x life. Before you criticise me, be informed that it’s uncensored”, she stated boldly.


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